In their first CD together, Norman Ruiz and Jeffrey Warren team up to explore the richness of the music from Italy, Spain and Mexico. The cd features the hauntingly beautiful “Oriental” by Granados, evoking the Moorish heritage of Andalucian Spain. Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s Sonatina Canonica sparkles with color and as the composer weaves a web of canonic melodies, and Ruiz/Warren bring them to life with tonal variations and luxuriant phrasing. Albeniz is realized in three works, Granada, the mysterious and awe inspiring Moorish city, home of the Alhambra, Malaguena with it’s characteristic flamenco touches, and Aragon, the region of Spain famed for the jota, a lively dance in triple time. These transcriptions of Albeniz by Ruiz make the works come to life through the guitar as in no other instrumentation. Manuel Ponce is represented with three pieces, the famous Scherzino Mexicano, the gentle lullaby Arrulladora, and one of his most beautiful and poetic works, the Intermezo. Finally two Duos Dialogues by Ferdinando Carulli, the more familiar one in G and the seldom heard Duo in D, both capturing brilliantly the 19th century virtuosic style.

The sound on this CD is incredible. Famed engineer Ken Christiansen has captured the sound of the guitar as in no other recording. The three dimensional sound, rich and clear and undoctored, is unrivaled in any other recording.

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Duos Dialogues - Duos Dialogues, Norman Ruiz & Jeff Warren